Host a Workshop

The “Share the Stoke” mission depends on workshops. So I’ve developed a Workshop Hosting program where you can host a workshop in exchange for free attendance (including keeping the board you make!). A host performs some very specific tasks, and supports the workshop by doing whatever it takes before, during, and after to ensure a smooth experience for the paying participants. Being a host is also a prerequisite for becoming a T2S certified instructor (more on that later).

Mark (right) has been hosting T2S workshop

The first thing to do is read on. If you’re still interested after that, then email me using the contact form in the sidebar. NOTE: If you are a woodworking teacher in a school and want to participate in the T2S in schools program, have a read of this page and then contact me for specific information.

Given the broad range of venues and settings, each workshop will have it’s own special needs and opportunities. But here is a list of things to keep in mind as you consider being a host.

Generating the interest/participants – Some of this will come from me and some from you. Depending on where you live, this might take very little effort. For example, it might simply mean posting my pre-written Craigslist ad or asking your surf buddies. Or you might post a notice at local surfshops or beach parking lots. You know your community best so put your local knowledge to use here. In general, we’ll need a minimum of 4, an optimum of 8, or a maximum of 10 paying participants (these numbers ultimately depends on the venue and resources available).

Participant Management – This means scheduling the dates of the workshop ahead of time with me and the participants. About one month is probably a good amount of time to plan for a workshop. In that time you’ll be communicating with participants and answering questions that only you would know the answers to (like where to park, or get good burritos).

A garage full of boards

Securing the Venue – This is an important issue but you’ll be surprised at what will work. Let’s get resourceful. It might be a high school or community college woodshop, a surfshop parking lot, a public park or beach area, a barn or cowfield, a military base, community center, or even your own backyard. It really depends on environmental variables and what’s available. There are pluses and minus to each type of venue and we’ll work out which one is best between us. When thinking about venues, keep in mind, that with the exception of cordless screwdrivers and palm sanders, participants use no powertools so electricity may or may not be needed on site.

Other Logistics – When we hold your workshop depends a lot on where you are. Outside is a good place to hold a workshop so consider the best time of year for your location. If there is no access to the indoors, we may need to rent a big tent. I’ll be traveling to get to you so there are some logistical issues to consider. The idea is that the workshop comes to you. Participants sleep at home each night and cover their own food costs (brown bag, BBQ, or order out, lunch only).

“Mark’s perfectly located home (waves in walking distance), accommodating family and neighborhood provided the perfect New England location for manipulating wood into a surf craft” — Mike, B

Securing the Materials – I’ll provide a detailed list of what’s needed and have worked out arrangements with several vendors who will ship the the specialty wood to your address ahead of time. You are expected to purchase/provide the more common and readily available materials (such as screws and 2x4s for rocker tables). Keep your receipts, you will be reimbursed. I will provide one of my existing designs per participant for free as marine ply templates pre-cut by me. My designs can be seen in the lineup, on the forum, and all over the web. If participants want a different design, I offer a custom design option for $50.

Workshop Prep – Depending on what we agree ahead of time, this might mean milling the required amount of planks/strips and building rocker tables. This is not an insignificant task and you should set aside at least a couple of evenings a few weeks in advance for this. I’ll provide a detailed stocklist and instructions. The minimum tools required to be a host are; a good cordless drill/screwdriver, a good table saw capable of resawing a 4” piece of cedar (in 2 passes), and a chop or skill saw. A thickness planner is preferred but not mandatory. Any moderately equipped home woodshop should have at least these tools.

Potential instructors should like to teach

Instructor Certification: You might want to consider instructing your own workshops professionally someday. So one of the points of hosting a workshop is to prepare you to become eligible for T2S instructor certification. As a T2S certified instructor you’ll be able to run your own workshops independently (with your own name/logo) using the T2S proprietary method. Certified instructors will pay a small licensing fee per board for my designs (templates) and a modest per/workshop or annual membership fee. You will have an instructor profile on the website and access to my wholesale supplier network and the T2S brand (literally a brass, woodburning brand). All boards that you oversee will display a small T2S branding. The Strip & Feather method is patented, and the T2S logo is trademarked. By being a host you will learn, in great detail, the conceptual, philosophical, and technical nuances of my Strip & Feather method. I want you to share the stoke with others too, but I’ve been burned and learned, so you will have to sign a non-compete agreement prior to hosting.

I know that is a lot of reading. But I’m just trying to inform you as much as possible. I am a laid back dude, but I take the experience of participants seriously. You’ll have to too. But don’t worry, this is a pretty refined system and it will be a productive and fun learning experience for all, including you.  Actually, you’ll have a blast in the process.

Now give it some thought. If after a couple of days you’re still amped, then drop me an email using the contact form so we can get started…

Share the stoke,