Up and running…

Almost done

Hi, and welcome to the new, almost finished, TreetoSea.org website. I’ve still got a page or two to complete, but you’ll notice there have been some changes around here. It is no longer primarily a social networking site, but is still a place to learn how to build your own wooden surfboard using my Strip & Feather method. Here you can find out about upcoming Wandering Workshops in your area, or sign up to attend one in a Warm-n-Wavy place. You can arrange to host your own workshop and take it for FREE, or buy some of my templates from the Template Shop.

Feel free to sniff around and get a sense for what’s it’s all about. If you do, you may notice the place still has that “new board smell” so please point out any glitches or typos you encounter in the sidebar.

I’ve got several workshops in the pipeline that I will start announcing on this homepage in the next few days, or you can subscribe in the sidebar to receive workshop announcements by email.

Till then, share the stoke,


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